Letter – November 1st, 2023

November 1st, 2023


The Israel-Palestine situation is terrifying and so the planet is full of wars, betrayals and terrors. Being conditioned by that energy is the most obvious thing that can happen. We are Energy, everything around us is energy. Let’s hold fast to mutual love otherwise everything, EVERYTHING in our life will be misunderstanding, discomfort, heaviness. Let’s realize that others near or far from us are the GREATEST GIFT and let’s thank the universe for existing.


It seems that continuing to take care of those who suffer, those who have difficult conditions, those who can’t cope with life
is increasingly difficult and I find myself in serious difficulty.
Perhaps I am not able to adapt to current systems where helping others is more like an advertisement with a final prize than a movement of the heart and/or conscience.
To do some fundraising you almost always need to give something in exchange and this already sounds off-key to my ears, but it’s really difficult to do otherwise
and I have chosen to do otherwise.
I remember when I opened school in India in 1999 – every day I had to choose whom to help.
Cancer patients who were facing surgeries?
Or children with major impairments in their eyes, limbs, or those who were supposed to take medicines every day for other disease and couldn’t afford to pay for them? Or children without a father and therefore without money-food or those who didn’t go to school? Or the homeless elderly, without support of any kind, or the fishermen who had been victims of tsunamis or typhoons, or tornadoes? Or the Buddhist nuns who had major damage to their convent due to the earthquake or flood elsewhere? Or open a school where there was no longer one, swept away by who knows what disaster, or here in Italy help for families in poverty during Covid or other calamities?
Whom to help?
Doing it and continuing to do it after so many years is an irrefutable fact. A mix between a mission, an unpaid job, a choice, no one forced me, but it is certainly one of the first thoughts in the morning and one of the last before sleeping.
Now the situation is this. The school in India with uneasiness, improvements, strong turnouts or sudden absences, continues its work, there is nothing more unstable than the poor people, however it proceeds and within the village it is an institution, but what is left of the village ?
The new port that has been causing us problems for years and years is in the final stages so Indian workers, foreigners and those who have NEVER moved from the village are mixed together.
The poor people, some fishermen, others simply poor people, and the children are thrown from their poverty to the luxury car that passes by.
I can’t imagine what will happen in the near future.
In Nepal we have Rajesh who has had serious family problems and who every day walks a few kilometers in the woods in the very high mountains to look after his grandmother and continues his work to be able to build and open the only existing school within tens and tens of kilometres, but we are in great difficulty both because we are in the middle of the “rainy season” and because of the scarcity of funds.
We continue to support sick people as always for years, with particular, extreme situations like our little Athelin who cyclically has to undergo treatment for the only eye she has left, hoping that cancer is just a bad memory.
And so on, every day I would like to help those who are in great need and who are usually the most alone, forgotten, abandoned by everyone.
I therefore hope for your help which over the years has been fundamental and has reassured many lives and many hearts.

I gratefully thank everyone

The Founder
Valeria Viola Padovani