How To Help Us

“Kether Educational Project” is fully supported by the contributions that the Centro Studi Platone ONLUS collects in Italy, and sometimes from foreign supporters.

Contributors to the initiative of international solidarity are both individuals and companies and institutions which give a constant support or one-off donations that the Centro Studi Platone Onlus transfers to the “Kether Educational Project NGO”.

To support the initiatives described above, the Centro Studi Platone Onlus created two payment options for its supporters:

Collective Adoption

  • Joining the Collective Adoption project – “Peace Schools” (Download “Membership card” in PDF format), giving a monthly contribution of 30 or 50 Euros

Supporting member

  • By becoming a “Supporting member”. For this we created the Centro Studi Platone card, only for our “friends”, after a contribution of 120 Euros, for a period of 12 months. We specify that this is not a membership card, but only the recognition of your support to our association.

c/o Banco di Desio e della Brianza


IBAN: IT69E0344003222000000003406

In the name of: “Centro Studi Platone ONLUS – Progetto India”


C/C Unicredit


IBAN : IT28A0200804810000103440139

In the name of: “Centro Studi Platone ONLUS”


C/C Poste Italiane

IBAN : IT25 R076 0103 2000 0003 1052 046

In the name of: “Centro Studi Platone ONLUS”





Once you made your payment through one of the above channels, you can inform us about your donation and send us the Registration Form at