Presentation of Centro Studi Platone

Our association was born in 1990, as some people asked themselves what was important in their existence.

Centro Studi Platone takes form in Plato’s teachings, studying human’s history in its various developments and considering the “Historical memory” as something precious that should be preserved in order to take strength and teachings from the experience of the past.

Our center welcomes many different people, gathering different experiences and sociocultural backgrounds, accepting the other in his/her facets, origins and places of provenance, keeping still our own culture and the roots of a moral and ethical basis which is important for us. Centro Studi Platone gave its volunteering support at the Spallanzani Hospital for many years, operating in the infectious diseases ward, especially with HIV patients, learning a lot and receiving even more.

Since many years we offer a new way of volunteering, collaborating as if we were researchers of something new, something different, in order to keep our eyes open, learning and teaching, leaving aside the altered idea that Western people have a quick solutions for all problems. Volunteering as a bridge between, the awareness about and the union of polarities.

“My intention is to compare minds, hearts, sensibilities, ideas and potentials of comprehending the world and the future that awaits us, which is likely to loose strength, hope and also to remain closed in people’s good intentions, in their many words and in their abstract world.”

Valeria Viola Padovani