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“Mrs Pineapple” is the unforgettable nickname after which Father Sedric named Viola Padovani, the founder of a school in Southern India, in Vizhinjam, in the state of Kerala. In this book are told the hard, fascinating and moving years in India of the group of adventurous people of Centro Studi Platone Onlus (Plato Studies Center) committed to make a dream come true: building a school, that today has more than three hundred children. The book, divided into short and very short chapters, lies between autobiography, reflection and analysis on all that such an experience can set in motion: comparison between cultures and visions of the world, ethnic and religious conflicts, doubts about teaching (and cooperation), personal and often dramatic stories of the characters involved.

But “Buon viaggio Signora Pineapple” also marks a new phase in this journey: the Indian experience continues and strengthens today in the project that Universalia Atlantidea started in Barbagia.

All money raised from the sales of the book will go to the school of Vizhinjam, which is living a seriously difficult moment due to climatic changes and especially because of the project of building a pharaonic industrial port on the area of the village.

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