Letter – December 20th, 2023

December 20th, 2023

I would really like to meet you one by one because if this project continues, if I can, despite the many difficulties, make dreams become true and radically change the lives of many people, if I can see smiles that weren’t there before, healings or in any case support that before seemed impossible it’s because you have supported us, helped us, believed in us.
In the memory of the Centro Studi Platone and the Plato Studies Center there is a sort of dismay for the poor, that’s where it all began…
How is it possible that they are not a common thought? A responsibility that should be natural, obvious to everyone? Many tell me that it should be a government task, but it seems to me to be an illusory thought and therefore I discarded it from the beginning.
By waiting for those in charge to take care of the poor, the disadvantaged, the desperate, nothing changes and what should that solidarity that makes its way among men with so much effort wait for?
We are the ones who together, drop by drop, create the sea and can change situations.
My niece is almost 13 years old and in her thoughts, in her playful adolescence there is also a constant consideration for the poor. She has always known them, she has always been with them, she has friends in the mountains of Nepal, in the heat of Kerala and the forests of Orissa as well as others here in Sardinia and in various Italian locations. For her there is no difference in value between the rich and the poor and all levels in between and so she spontaneously cares about others and their difficult conditions.
Poor people, victims of war or disease, she talks about them with her friends who are usually indifferent except for a few and this does not make her a less cheerful child, in fact perhaps it is precisely because of the understanding of her life among diversity that this is her point of strenght, certainly not the cell phone.
Sorry to digress, but this time is so full of disasters that I think help is precious and fundamental for everyone, not only for those who are supported, but also for those who have the privilege of helping those who suffer.
Meanwhile the school in India is progressing, in a month I will be there on the field and my dear boy Rajesh waiting to finish the construction of the school… I don’t know if we will make it, but it’s a beautiful dream…, since a few days he has been working in a another school at 2800 meters above sea level in the village of Pokhari… …you surely remember that he graduated in India a few years ago… and now every day he goes from his village, 1,400 meters, to the school. He travels on foot for an hour and a half, rain, wind, sun, snow. He travels because the grandmother he looks after is waiting for him, no one else helps her.
It’s another of those extreme stories that happen in these remote places and which are incredible.
This young man, still a boy, smiles as he walks in the mountains, assists his grandmother, and is up there almost alone because after so many years of study he has no longer anything to share with the surrounding world, but he is happy.
He does the job that he loves, he teaches reading, writing and arithmetic, he transmits respect and the value of nature, history and ethics. It’s really touching…
Then there is the school, Plato where everything seems upside down compared to Nepal.
Hot temperatures and the little ones, the new little ones at school. Children who sit on the floor with their backs straight for three hours and learn. When we arrive they welcome us as if they had always been there because the story of “mother Viola and aunt Claudia” is famous and has remained INDELIBLE in the annals of the school. The poverty is the same, the port is progressing, who knows the future!
And finally Orissa with its wonderful forests, one of which welcomes Herbal Mother,
a project of cultivation and care of endangered plants carried out by the tribals which still exist, yes, there is someone who keeps our memory even if in the meantime he uses his cell phone.
All this is life and whererever and however we can we bring warmth and growth.
Whether you are Christian or of any other religion, whether you are atheist or intellectual, I wish everyone true, profound, lasting SERENITY.

I embrace you with all my heart

The Founder
Valeria Viola Padovani