Letter – March 11th, 2021

March 11, 2021

Dear donors, friends, acquaintances, thanks to all of you who support us and who allow us, especially in these times, to help many people reduced to a condition of absolute misery.

Our school reopened yesterday, it will be easier now to give children food, drinking water, hygiene, and education even if anything we do at school is actually education, especially now. Any distraction from the weight of misery and ugliness , every amusement, song, thought even the simplest ones is like teaching.

The children are very happy to have returned to a normal state, although we have tried to support the families even in the worst moments, situations often got out of our hands.

We have also opened the Plato to students of other schools who are about to take their final exams because the public schools cannot welcome them after class hours or they live in uncomfortable domestic conditions – 10 people in a room. So they turned to us to have a place to study. The climatic conditions, the rains, the pandemic, everything has been a cause of devastation, but they are amazing and, as always, they spontaneously teach us how to get up again from the worst conditions.

For many of them there is no way out, they cannot even hope that something will change, there is not something that can change or a will to do so. There is no way to accept a new condition, or to sacrifice one’s previous life to give more space to the current one. Often there is NOTHING TO DO.

Above all, these are the people and situations that we support, many of them had a dignified life before, even if it was a hard one. What about today ???

We have the arduous task of choosing who to turn our help to, who to give priority to. It is always difficult and painful, every time. You never get used to dealing with poverty and therefore with illness, but choosing between HIM, HER, THEM, YES OR NO is really an ungrateful undertaking which I will never get used to.

That cold way of dealing with drama is not yet part of my skills. On the other hand, the smile of the children that explodes again and again every day is an immense gift. Unfortunately we are not allowed to be there and after 22 years of presence in India this absence is painful, but they compensate very well for the distance.

The little girl who lost an eye is now being treated at Madurai’s Aravind Hospital (hoping to save the other eye), one of the best ophthalmic hospitals in all India and of which we bear the main expenses. She is well, the family is incredulous that they have received such unexpected help, they are grateful and happy. Once again the STRENGTH of solidarity manifests itself, the power of uniting energies, as in my work, sometimes has the power to help or not to help.

In Nepal, we help many people too, who are in serious difficulty in this drama, but who get up again quickly, accustomed to a harsh life.

Your solidarity, your support, your love or whatever pushes you to help us is a source of joy for us.

In case you are aware of serious situations on the Italian territory please let us know. We are also active here.

Thank you so much.

The Founder

Valeria Viola Padovani