LETTER – JUNE 21st, 2022

June 21st, 2022

After many years dealing with Humanitarian Projects, the encounter with the Siddarth Village has touched some strings of mine NEVER played before, as it has come in these two years bringing me the knowledge of this tribal village where they grow healing herbs that were almost disappearing.
The contribution to health, the vision of care in a time when many of us have fallen ill or we risked to do so, and if it didn’t happen for the body it happened for the mind, for the soul, for our relationships, for our life in which we had to deal with a time of total transformation at all levels and a time of reevaluation of consciousness.
Meeting TRIBAL people, who are completely out of any normal psychological coordinate we are used to, is a very important experience to which I am giving physical space and I WILL TRAVEL in these days. after two years I’ll return to India to try to save many situations that were almost destroyed in this time; in Vizhinjam, our village, at Plato Studies Center school they are waiting for us with open arms but I have to go there to see what the real situation is.
I will travel to meet the Herbal Mother project and to get to know this tribal people (Adhivasi) who have something to teach to all of us.
Tribal people rejoin the memory of a sense of eternity, of continuity, of the NEW, because they come from a past without AGE, which always makes them extraordinarily present and perhaps for this reason they have ensured that the memory of healing plants and their proprieties was not lost.
Today the change of paradigm that life offers us is also made by the listening and helping of those who are so different from us…  as John says, who helps, supports, defends and loves them since many years.

The Adhivasi live Here and Now even today, despite the insinuating globalization, they live neither in the past nor in the future.
This is why at Siddharth Village we had a hard time getting the job done on time.
Because the tribals do not come to work if someone dies in the village or if there is a festival of nature (plowing, sowing, harvesting).
Before, each village had its own grain bank and seed bank but due to globalization this tradition had died out.
The work of the Siddharth Village quickly brought this culture back to many villages.
There are no orphans or retirement homes. When parents die, the children are cared for by the community. Although the modern world has brought about the marriage system, they are free, especially women.
They value the community and the elders, for the wisdom work in consensus decision
(although things are changing due to political interference).
They value the forest.
They never remove any plants from the flower garden while working in the farm.
They love nature. Nature is their God.
These are their values of community sharing, of caring for their people and their nature. These values are very important for the survival of humanity.
Without these, humanity will perish. “

I Believe that this meeting with those who safeguard the healing plants of the planet so that they do not become extinct is very important today and opens a new vision both for our conscience and for our health.
Thanks always from the heart

The Foundress
Valeria Viola Padovani