Letter – July 13th, 2020


How can we accept that there are people who don’t have anything to live with, to eat, to exist? Can we REALLY imagine some people don’t have the right to live? To dignity? It’s not possibile and we can’t believe we are like that, we cannot think in our scale of values something so deep, but at the same time so obvious and simple, DOESN’T HAPPEN… they cannot feed their children, they can’t help their parents, they can’t help each others. The MISERY, the tremendous one, the one that SCREAMS, now more than ever, its dramatic pandemics is a tragedy that doesn’t shake society so much.
There is an inside judgement that condemn them to death. Poor means unable, poor means unworthy.
This time should have taught us what is fundamental for the WHOLE planet and we have FORGOTTEN.
Most of the time we don’t know them directly, we were not with them on the field and we don’t know their story, but for us a poor person DOESN’T HAVE ANY HISTORY, it’s often little more than nothing. If we are good, we want to give some help and in the last 20 years many Ideas, Associations, NGOs, churches have helped.
But not only the problem remains, ma it EATS them and it started eating us as well.
Walking and meeting the poor people, seeing their rip clothes, the cuts under their feet, the dirty hair, their glance often lost in the air. The poor desperation is not SO visible.
We are used to push it. Whatever does not belong to our quest for harmony is annoying hence we want to remove it, our eyes barely see it… they are loosers than they not reputable persons.
The tragedy of POVERTY is spreading in the West too, we don’t have FLAGS except for the ones of our hearts and our true and close knowledge of the pandemics of misery. Over the years, we have believed, hoped, imagined and REACHED thanks to the help of the ones who believed in us.
We are here to ask you to believe again, to trust not us who are mere instruments, but LIFE that is giving us a beautiful opportunity.

Thank you



July 13th, 2020

We are fighting to be better people, but this extreme situation has put us in the condition of looking deeper what is happening on the planet… and working in India so close to the poor leave us with a terrible sense of distress in our hearts. I apologize if I write to you after so little time after the last letter, but I must speak to whom can let us feed those who DON’T HAVE ANYTHING ANYMORE.
As long as the social system worked something happened, some fish went from the nets to the market and then, not for all, but just for a few, surviving was sure but today tragedy is sure. The virus in Kerala has not spread as in other places in the world. Since the beginning there was a great movement to raise the attention. India is a country where people are used to having an autority, being it a religious, governative one or simply that of an elder person who has not become USELESS here as in the West. Rightly or wrongly it’s a people capable of FOLLOWING.
In Kerala the precautionary measures have been taken since the beginning, also suggesting the people a preventive traditional medicine therapy, and the cases of infection have been limited, but the MISERY has exploded. Many people who support us could ease the pain of those who don’t have anything normally, but today surely cannot make it. The school is obviously closed, but not our help and the staff is very grateful because we keep sending them their salaries. We do everything we can. In these moments when surviving is the first issue, there is an extraordinary solidarity also between the police and all the people.
Now I am here to ask for your help. With gratitude I greet you and send you a big hug to all of you, who sustain us.

The Founder

Valeria Viola Padovani