Letter – December 23rd, 2020

December 23rd, 2020

Dear, dear donors, writing to you now is quite difficult. Asking you for help for our poor today is almost absurd given the tragedies and needs that scream even here in Italy where we still try to be present. Yet, in India and Nepal the situation is once again TERRIBLE and we are constantly faced with EXTREME cases that tell us of urgent and breathless conditions and of how with little help many people can be brought back to existence.
Once again it upsets me to talk like this, I would like to smile at you and smile at the future of all of us, of all the children who are the ones who suffer more than anyone else on this planet. In my heart I would like to free them. But REALITY is pressing and leaves me speechless, not being able to imagine the future they will have to face even if the trust is absolute.
Imagine experiencing the anxiety of the pandemic with a very high temperature, in huts with the roof almost always broken and the rains that inundate everything.
In recent days they have been in pain waiting for a cyclone that has been expected to arrive for weeks now, then changes routes at the last moment.
However, the little ones wishing to go to school both for study and for the company and first of all for food insist on being able to return, but it is not yet possible.
Meanwhile, waiting to be able to reopen the school, the staff is always present to send me news and to receive comfort, and is busy in all possible ways, meeting the children in their homes, bringing (when possible) food and medicine or whatever can be useful to them.
After so many years of conquests and tragedies I find in these people an extraordinary strength that makes them get up again and again.
Among other things, we follow a 3-year-old girl who has lost one eye due to cancer and today she needs to undergo another operation to the other eye and yet her young parents are full of confidence despite having been in debt to meet the expenses for their little girl. So I can always and again learn from this reality.
More than twenty years have passed since we opened the Plato Studies Center in India. This year we will not be able to go, but the feeling of mutual trust and confidence is strong and it warms the heart.
I hope in your solidarity and I hope to be able to continue this journey that has brought so much joy to them, to us and to you, other than the STRONG feeling of having done something good in this world and time so terrible for anyone.
I thank you with all my heart and I wish everyone a Christmas of change, of beauty, but above all of solidarity which I believe is what matters most IN LIFE.

The Founder
Valeria Viola Padovani



Dear Mamma Viola, my daughter is 3 years old now. When she was 2 her right eye got cancer and had to be removed. She has now begun to develop cancer in her left eye as well. We are in a very difficult situation, we don’t even own a house. The doctors say that until she is 18 she will have to follow the necessary therapies in order to improve. Since no hospital in Kerala has the necessary equipment for this case, we had to go to the Aravind private hospital in Madurai. If you could help us by any means, we could have the hope of saving our little girl’s left eye.
God bless you. Your Soosan.