Letter – April 29th, 2021

April 29th, 2021

The Indian situation has collapsed.

From Mumbai a dear friend tells us she is terrified. She says Indians blame the politicians who have spoken with no precaution in the latest times.

Then, Kumbamela was planned to be next year but it has taken place this year instead.

The accusations are coming from all sides, but it’s not possible to judge a people that we don’t know, a people so diffent from us here in the West.

Everybody forgets about the Indian territory and the number of people that live in it. 1390000000 one billion three hundred and ninety million people. Over the years, I have heard people making a comparison between India and Italy but numbers don’t allow it.

In Italy we are 59000000 fifty-nine million people, which is the 4.25% of the Indian people.

We are constantly in touch with many people we care about in Kerala where the situation is hard but still managable. The West doesn’t consider the level of the poverty and tremendous ignorance that rules over the entire Indian territory and how the hospitals are not equipped at all for the tragedy they are facing.

We are trying to understand how to intervene as soon as possible. We would like to help, do our best. For now we hope you can sustain us economically to buy food for the poor, who are poorer today, and if possible to buy ventilators or oxigen tanks or …

Thank you for your help, your presence and love for humanity.

The Founder

Valeria Viola Padovani