Letter – April 5th 2019

Letter – April 5th 2019

Dear All who support us,

today more than ever we are questioning the future of our Project, not only to give a chance to poor children, but also to give them a fair relationship with education, to interact with planetary events, to have more interest for studying and have TRUE POSSIBILITIES of believing that one day they will be able to go out from the village, not being imprisoned there for life.

At the beginning twenty years ago everybody was grateful to have the chance to study, today is very difficult to stimulate youngsters towards study and education not only for their difficult economic conditions, but also because their attraction towards the NAUGHT, towards mobiles and Bollywood stars is endless and captivating. The danger, especially for the young, is increased (here and there) by the ephemeral stimulus and the lack of capacity of discernment.

In front of the village, with the most extreme poverty, the huge port is being constructed. This leaves us atonished and for years we have tought that we would be forced to move and leave the children and their families to who-knows-what destiny. But today we have not the certainty but a good hope that Plato will stay where it is.

Many people, even with no economic possibilities, have the mobile and they get lost in there. The speeding up of time and events is very clear week after week. The dicotomy between the still poverty of the past and the rush, technology and illusion towards the future, with often meaningless traditions is terrible. Few people know how to choose then information is mixed with actions, everybody seems to do everything, but in fact there is a big CHAOS.

The Plato looks at bringing back the VALUES and MEANINGS of life by safeguarding the MEMORY, so we can direct the children towards the study. The work to gather their attention, energy and interests must be always very intense, otherwise we are not able to bring them out of the village of Vizhinjam.

This year we have cleaned everything, after the flooding of the past summer and after the terrible monsoons that cannot be certainly defined anymore in the calendar, considering the climatic variations. We have give new colour to the school, to the teachers, to old students out of the school but still in love with it. Everyday we work on memory, every day we make sure that one little piece that is going lost can be remembered. Everywhere around they consider us as a lifeline, all our former students seem to have a job and a position, in the worst cases they stayed in the village and continued their parents job with great dignity. We don’t have any former student who is now drug addicted or alchoolic. About this you can find below Shaiju’s letter.

We firmly believe in  a school that can renew itself for any need, we believe in manifesting the potentials, in the extraordinary possibility of renewing ourselves, finding new inputs and not loosing whatever needs to be saved from the past and preserved with care and respect.

We believe on this in India, we believe on this in Italy, we believe everywhere.

Thank you for staying always with us.

The founder
Valeria Viola Padovani



Dear Mamma,

I am so excited as we are going to reopen our school. This school has a

great importance in Vizhinjam, because the normal school they give only

curriculum education where as our school is giving importance to value

education togather with curriculum education.

I say this because there is solid evidence for that. The studence who

finished their studies from plato school is far better than the other


I will say some changes l witnessed in my willage.

I was in seminari for some time. Those times l was away from my village

vizhinjam. When ever l came for holidays l witessed a  lot of changes in

yousters. This change were completely negative. These people drink,

smoke and make merry. They have high price mobile phones, bikes etc.

Once l left the seminary life and came back then l was surprised to see

even children they have gone astray. During festivals they they spent a

lot of money simply. They arrange sound systems and light systems and

dances. This happens in many corners of vizhinjam.  Even small children

are part of these. Those times they drink alcohol and smoke. Some times

they fight each other for silly reasons. some times they just disturb

the common people. These children and youth don’t have any aim or plans

for their future. Last year in 2018 around twenty youths who are between 17 to 20 years lost their lives due to bike accidents. That is because of their over speed riding. Some children they don’t go to school and some just bunk classes and roam here and there aimlessly. I heard that now a days school leve chidren also geting drugs. Many youngsters use drugs and they are adicted for that. Once a boy committed suicide

beacause his parents refused to buy a bike for him. So now children

blackmail their parents that they will commit suicide if they refuse.

When you come vizhinjam you can see even small children ride bike. I got

a scooty when l became 27 years old.  But now a days 12 year students

are riding bike. This can lead accidents. Like this many problems are

created by even small children. And those who married are having a worse

life. They always fight each other.


But in the case the youngsters who were the students in Plato school,

They are really smart. I dont see them making problems for themselves or for other people. They are good people. Some of them did higher studies and among them some got good jobs and some still searching for jobs. And some of the them did technical courses and working as electricians and plumbers etc in gulf and in Vizhinjam too.

The main thing is that they are good people, they dont disturb the

common people. They give more importance to the value that they got from the Plato school. They did not roam here and there aimlessly. They

respect the elders. And those who got married they lead a peaceful life.


When we compare the the people those who studied at Plato school are

comparatively better than the others.


So for future we need to creat more and more good people from our

school. For that we have to collect the children from different corners

of vizhinjam and give them curriculum education togather with value

education. So that they grow up as good people for future and they may

have an aim for their life.


Yours, loving