Letter – 25th September 2019

Letter – 25th September 2019

September, 25th 2019

We are about to leave but this year the emotion is even bigger, the joy for our job is renovating month after month, because we are seeing results we didn’t think possible.

At the village the misery is more and more strong and deep-rooted. Perhaps the arrival of the port still to be finished, of the cellphones, of internet and all the media that the world gives us today emphatizes even more the terrible poverty of the place and the people’s minds. But, on the other end, despite the decline, years and years of seeding have created a STRONG bond and affection between us and the teachers and all the staff.

The children learn quickly, they are kind, polite, thankful for the meal they are given once a day, sometimes their only one. They are new sons or brothers or cousins of the former ones who opened deeply their minds and hearts and brought around a change that was not erased over time, becoming a reason and a strenght point for our School. They are curious, they know about climate change, they saw it with their very eyes in the last few years when – you may remember – fishermen hit by cyclonic storms (Cyclon Ocky) or tornados were found miracously alive far off thousand miles from home, shaked by the sea apocalypse. They know today more then yesterday is dangerous dealing with the ocean. Some of them is wondering what it will happen, but in the meanwhile the quiet and constant rythm of the school makes them grow and study.

Over the years, the main job that has been done was on Memory, on Principles, on Values that exist beyond the socio-moral rules of the places where we live and withour any imposition from religion or caste.

They are very grateful and this is moving in a time with lack of common sense and respect.

Then India, especially the poor people of India, surprise me, leave me with the heart always full and content of being able to get surprised.

The school works full time, from morning until evening, our teachers and our cook Lawrency keep their roles, as a ship that has not sunk despite the storms and the tragedies all around and proceeds towards its destination with stern wind.

Thanks to whom followed us during these years and made our dreams come true for real.

Thanks for staying with us.

The founder

Valeria Viola Padovani