Letter – October 6th, 2020

October 6th, 2020

I write to you heartbroken for the situation in India and Nepal where poverty and virus, ignorance and climate conditions have created an absolute disaster, also due to the flood, perhaps worst than the one in 2018, that has cut all remaining energies, especially to poor people.

For days we have been following the stories of the many friends, among whom there were two elderly people – more than 80 years old – with a group of eight kids who have escaped from the water, climbing up to rooftop of their house, hoping that the rain, falling incessantly and in a never-seen-before quantity, would not reach them. Some of you helped us and let us help people that otherwise we don’t know if could have survived. Two years ago their house was completely covered by water.

An airplane fell near our friends’ house due to heavy rain. It was coming back from Dubai, taking home those who had been left abroad and could not go back home, just as we came back to Italy from India with a Farnesina rescue flight.

I have waited some time before writing to you a letter, after the flood. It’s hard to ask something in a time where everybody is asking and many people have or will have severe problems to “survive”, but the life of the most miserable people we deal with it’s hard to imagine. During this pandemic many people commited suicide because they were aware they would have died anyways of MISERY. Over time many people have started to understand, to put themselves in these people shoes, to help just because of love, even if they did not know that reality. In the meanwhile at the village everybody is exhausted and in extreme danger.

I would like to write to you that you gave us the chance to continue with our project and give you good news about the positive results of the efforts so far, the successful stories both in school and in our children’s life after school, but this 2020 is not giving any break to their difficulties. The pandemic, which has been contained for a long period, has now overflowed, just like the rivers, and seas and dams. Being poor inside a greater tragedy is something terrible. I am not exhaggerating.

I cannot do anything else but ask for your help. You know what I believe – drop by drop… and for us, for the school and for all the people was like that. We have witnessed wonderful transformations and stories of success. Young people who have reached a good job position, sometimes including also their dreams, like Rajesh (from Nepal) who has just won a scholarship for his master studies at an Indian university.

From his message…

Dear Mamma Viola,

Firstly, thank you so much for giving me such a powerful hope to achieve resounding success in my study. In my life I never have expected that one day I would be nominated for scholarship in good college of Master Degree.
I prayed a lot and repeated your lesson which I got since my childhood. In every steep of my life I follow your path. Faith in god, faith in yourself, self-love and beyond that profound respect and understanding to human being feeling have given me to get this scholarship.
Now I conceive I was made for serving to needy people, advocate them and empower them via different aspects.
Mamma, I have a big dream in future but I want to start my dream from small action. I know step by step human beings develop their power of thinking to serve for others and to serve themselves.
My dream has certain objectives connected with you. You had given me direction to move on correct paths. I’m so thankful to you. You always told me “Don’t worry” you can do it Rajesh. Really, it was proved to me. I had never felt failed that I expected to do in life.
Mamma, your words are so much precious to me and blessing to me as well. This is just a novice of my life to step forward for understanding the real world. I will always follow you and your guidance.
I feel so proud to be your son and still have numerous steps were left to go ahead. Mamma, I will keep in my mind and heart that our mission to unite everyone will go forever and assure you that one day we will achieve it.
Mamma, You’re my real hero and inspiration who always motivated me in every steps of my life. Thank you mamma, I love you so much.



Once again, I apologize to you and I pray you don’t take the Centro Studi Platone as a tragedy announcer, but as a carrier of brotherhood, love, sharing, also thanks to your help.

I thank you with all my heart.

The founder
Valeria Viola Padovani